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How long should you Run an Air Pump in a Fish Tank?

by gvald

An aquarium pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment for keeping fish and aquatic plants healthy. It should be chosen with full knowledge of the facts because it must be perfectly adapted to the type of aquarium you have and its capacity.


How long should you run an air pump in a fish tank?

No choice, the air pump needs to run all day and night, 24 hours a day. Turning it off would mean that the fish need less air at a certain time, this is totally wrong, fish need air all the time, both day and night! The same goes for the plants and snails in your aquarium.


What is the purpose of an air pump in an aquarium?

A pump is essential in aquarium keeping and is used to oxygenate the water in the aquarium. It is the equipment that should be purchased along with the aquarium itself and the filter, because without it, the water will not remain healthy for long.


Such a strategic mistake can cost the life of all the fish and harm all the plants that you have taken care to place in the aquarium, whether it is filled with fresh water or sea water. The pump ensures the mixing of the water in the aquarium, which guarantees the oxygenation without which the fish and plants could not survive.


It is available in different models, namely :

  • The circulation pump, thanks to which the exchange between water and air is promoted. The water is freed from waste that tends to accumulate at the bottom because it rises and is evacuated via the filter. It is also sometimes referred to as an upwelling pump.
  • The circulation water pump: This is the ideal equipment for a reef aquarium since it reproduces the movement of the waves by circulating the water and also enriches this aquatic environment with oxygen, which is essential for corals.


The pump has nothing to do with the filter, which it does not replace.


Is it compulsory to have an air pump in your aquarium?

Air pumps for aquariums, also called bubblers, are not essential in a well-planted and well-balanced aquarium. If not, the air pump will be essential for your fish.


The plants are supposed to provide the necessary oxygen for the fish. However, a bubbler can promote gas exchange and thus increase the amount of oxygen in the aquarium.


If your fish frequently come to the surface to breathe, there may not be enough oxygen in your aquarium water.


Can I buy a used aquarium air pump?

Some consumers want to buy a used aquarium air pump through various online classifieds. In this case, there is usually no warranty. You should also be wary if you don’t know the seller because there is no proof that the equipment is in working order. It is therefore a risk that it is better not to take.


On the other hand, used aquarium pumps can be found in some aquarium stores. These are different conditions, and you can probably find equipment that is still operational. This can be a good way to get started in aquarium keeping and to make sure you won’t get bored before investing in new equipment for the long term.

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