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Is Hot Glue Toxic To Fish? (Quick Read)

by gvald

In general, there are always fumes, but in the case of neoprene glue, this contact glue adheres when the solvent is evaporated.


So which glue should you use to decorate your aquarium? We discuss this in more detail in this article.


Is hot glue safe for aquarium?

Yes, hot glue will cause toxic particles to be released into the water of your aquarium, which could kill your fish, even with proper drying times.


What kind of glue should I use to decorate my aquarium?

There are special glues for this purpose, available in most aquarium stores. You can even use food glue, this way, the particles that escape will not be toxic for your fish!


The main thing is to avoid neoprene glue at all costs, and to use epoxy or food glue.


How to make an aquarium decoration without glue?

The decoration of an aquarium is not only a requirement for the fish: it is also the pleasure of aquaristics which consists in creating a small viable and pleasant to look at eco system.


This decoration should be adapted to the type of fish you wish to keep in the aquarium:

Cold freshwater fish: the atmosphere will be rather minimalist and clear. Freshwater fish are more used to a clear environment with little decoration.

Warm freshwater fish: there will be more plants and neutral decorations to contrast with the bright colors of the fish.


1. Decorate the bottom of the aquarium

Aquarium bottom decor is as simple to install as it is essential!

It is a simple glossy poster that will be placed on the side of the aquarium bottom, on the outside of the glass wall of course.


This background can represent a real aquatic landscape such as a coral reef or a stretch of bare sand at the bottom of the water. But it can also be decorated with a simple solid color, which is usually blue, so that all the attention is focused on the colors of the fish.


2. Choosing the substrate

For a freshwater aquarium, this will be gravel. Its grain size should be large enough so that the fish do not eat it, or very fine depending on the type of fish, to prevent them from damaging their lips for example.


Available in many colors, white remains the tone that best highlights a natural decoration but this color also requires more maintenance because dirt and algae will develop more quickly.


3. Decorate the aquarium with plants

Whether plastic or natural, adding plants to the aquarium is essential for fish to hide in stealth.

Artificial aquarium plants

In recent years, plastic plants have evolved and now resemble the real thing. Their finishes are very realistic and their colors offer a rich spectacle. They offer the possibility of having colors that are not or infrequently seen compared to natural aquatic plants.


Moreover, as they are not nibbled by fish, artificial aquarium plants have a longer life span!


They do not require a specific substrate, no CO2 to optimize their maintenance and no specific regular light in quality and quantity.

Natural plants for aquariums

Natural plants, or living plants, allow you to recreate a real little plant garden that will evolve at the bottom of your aquarium. This is not only fascinating, but also practical for fish who want to enjoy a bit of greenery from time to time.


Live plants do not require regular maintenance like garden plants. However, it is important to prune dead or yellowed parts without delay.


If you want a lush aquarium fairly quickly, choose fast-growing natural plants. Do not exceed the quota of 10 l of water per plant.

Finally, remember to plant the roots of your plants deep enough in the substrate so that fish, especially burrowing species, will not easily pull them out.


4. Choose accessories

Among the essential accessories to add to the decoration of your aquarium, the hiding places and the bubbler can greatly contribute to the atmosphere you wish to bring out.

Hiding places


The hiding places

Fish also need their privacy, whether to rest, hide from other fish or to spawn. A hiding place will consist of a hollow, non-cutting object that allows the fish to move around and leaves them enough room to stop.


With this object, you will be able to set the tone of your aquarium decoration: imitation hollow rock for a natural look, plastic human skull for pirate thrills, or even a car body for an offbeat effect. It’s up to you to find the hiding places that appeal to you the most, in a format that matches the size of your fish.


The bubbler

Placed at the very bottom of the water, the bubbler for aquariums allows you to give free rein to your fantasies.


It can take the form of a rock or a shell to blend in with the decor or even represent a small diver: a perfect decorative idea for an original aquarium!

Be careful though, the more bubblers there are, the less the plants will flourish.

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