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Will Mollies Eat Guppy Fry? (Read This Before Moving On!)

by Alexis
will mollies eat guppy fry

In a breeding net, the fry are exposed to the same water conditions the rest of the tank is experiencing. Cannibalism is normal with mollies and other livebearers like guppies and platys. You don’t need to worry about saving your fry from being eaten because they are fecund. If you do decide to keep a fry in your tank, be sure to provide them with plenty of food and water.

Are mollies aggressive to guppies?

Mollies are semi aggressive fish, and they will most likely not attack guppies. They might do it, but under certain circumstances like defending their pair or their fry, they are not likely to attack. If you see a Mollie in the wild, it is best to leave them alone. If you do see them, do not try to catch them. It is better to let them go and let nature take its course.

Do molly fish eat Guppy babies?

Every 30 days, Guppy and Molly Fry Care Guppies give birth to live fry. It’s hard to protect the babies from being eaten by the fry because both species eat their fry. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have enough water in the tank.

If you don’t, fry will be able to get into the water and eat your baby. You can also use a water conditioner to keep your water nice and clean. This will also help to prevent fry getting into your tank and eating your babies.

Another thing to remember is that fry are carnivores and will eat anything that they can get their mouth on. So if you are using a fish tank, you may want to consider adding a small amount of fish food to your aquarium.

Fish food is a good source of protein for fry and it will keep them from getting too big for their bony bodies.

Can a molly eat a guppy?

Before you put the two fish together in a tank, make sure you read the article below to find out the best way to put them together. This will allow you to get a better idea of how they will interact with each other. If you want to keep them in separate tanks then you will need to do a little more research on how to set them up.

Which is better guppy or Molly?

We’re talking about the same general kind of fish when we talk about guppies and mollies. They can make little gullies if they get it on. mollies grow to be at least twice as large as guppies, andmollies produce a lot more eggs.

So, if you’re looking for a guppy or a molly, you’ll probably want to look for one that’s a little larger than the other. That’s because the larger the fish, the more likely it is to get eaten by a larger predator, like a shark.

And the bigger the predator is the better chance it has of catching the smaller fish and eating them, too.

How many mollies should be kept together?

Don’t overcrowd the tank, you should keep severalmollies together. If you do, the fish will become stressed and may not be able to survive. If you want to keep more than one molly in your tank, you’ll need to find a way to separate them from each other.

You can do this by placing them in separate tanks, or you can use an aquarium heater to heat up the water in one tank and cool it down in the other, so that they don’t get too close to one another.

Will other fish eat baby guppies?

Puppies are easy to breed and are a great addition to your aquarium. The mother fish will eat her babies if they remain in the same tank. It is possible to keep your baby guppies separate from your other fish by placing them in a separate tank.

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