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What Of This Goldfish Would You Wish? (Complete Answer)

by Alexis
what of this goldfish would you wish

The theme of the story, What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?, is making the right choice means giving up someone’s right to live. Keret’s book, which was published in Israel, was translated into English last year and is now available in the U.S. through Amazon.com. The book is about a goldfish named Goldie, who lives with her mother and father in a small apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Goldy’s father is a drug addict, and the two of them live in constant fear of each other. Goldies mother, in tears, tells her daughter that she doesn’t want her to die, but she can’t do anything about it, because she’s not allowed to have a gun in her home.

What of this goldfish would you wish What were the 3 wishes?

He acts for the good of other instead of putting himself first. His wishes are to cure his sister of cancer, heal Sveta’s son without telling Sveta how it came about, and bring Yonatan back to life even though Sergei knows he will never be able to do so. The third wish is the most difficult to fulfill, as it requires him to sacrifice his own life in order to save the life of another person.

This wish, however, is also the one that is most likely to be fulfilled in the end. This is a clear reference to his wish to have his life spared, which is why it is so important to him that it be granted. It is this wish that gives him the strength to go on and fulfill the other two wishes.

What is the theme of what of this goldfish would you wish How do the characters actions help build it?

The theme of this story is to be careful how you spend your money, because you never know how you will use it in the future.

What did Sergei give up when he used his last wish?

“I don’t know what he gave up, but I do know that he didn’t give anything up.

What type of character is Sergei?

Sergei was a resourceful man also. He wrote a letter to his friend so that he could get a better job. Sergei did not forget anyone. He could talk with him in a friendly way even if he hadn’t met him in two years. “I am very happy to have met you.

I hope that you will be able to help me in any way you can,” Sergei wrote in his letter.

What were Sergei’s first two wishes?

That first wish, Sergei used up when they discovered a cancer in his sister. A lung cancer, the kind you don’t get better from. The words were barely out of Sergei’s mouth when the fish undid it. Five years ago, on the anniversary of his mother’s death, Sergei realized that he would never be able to see her again.

The third wish was the most difficult to fulfill. It was a wish to be reunited with his father, who had died in a car accident when Sergei was eight years old. His father had been his best friend, and Sergei had always wanted to meet him. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

When he was sixteen, he went to visit him in the hospital, but he wasn’t allowed to talk to him, not even to ask for his autograph. So he wrote a letter and sent it to his dad, telling him how much he loved him and thanking him for everything he had done for him over the years.

What is the Goldfish character?

Pepperidge farm’s goldfish has a mascot named finn. Since his old age began in the early 1990s, he has appeared in a lot of commercials.

What misunderstanding caused the story’s main problem goldfish?

The fish tells G Sergei that he’s the only one who can take the goldfish away from him, even though G Sergei thinks that Yonatan wants to take the goldfish away from him. A. The name was given to Harry by his mother when she was pregnant with him. It was a nickname she gave him because she thought he would be a good boy.

She didn’t want him to be called “Potter” because it was too similar to her husband’s name, James Potter, who had been a famous wizard in his own right. A I first read a book when I was about five years old. I remember it very well, because I had a copy of it with me at all times.

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