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What is the Deepest Pond in the World? (It’s Crazy..)

by gvald

Pond Baikal is the deepest pond in the world and is located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia. It is also the deepest on our planet and the largest reservoir of unsalted water on the Eurasian continent. Pond Baikal has a tectonic origin.


It has a unique flora and fauna, and many of the species found there are found nowhere else. The local population traditionally calls Pond Baikal “a sacred sea”.


How deep is the deepest pond in the world?

Pond Baikal is located in southern Siberia, in eastern Russia. With a depth of up to 1,680 meters, its waters are so transparent that visibility is easy up to 40 meters.


Its dimensions are also impressive: 636 km long, covering an area of 31,500 km², its water volume is more than 250 times that of Pond Geneva. Fed by 336 rivers, it represents 20% of the world’s volume of fresh water contained in ponds and rivers.


How big is the deepest pond in the world?

You are probably wondering how big this reservoir of water is and where you can go to see its beauties. Do not confuse Pond Baikal, which is located in Siberia, with ponds that have similar names. There are some in Russia (in Yakutia and Tomsk oblast).


The Siberian pond Baikal is the largest of all. There are several theories about its origin. One of them states that the pond appeared because of earthquakes. This theory is proved by the current colossal seismic activity on the pond. More than 100 earthquakes occur here every year.


However, not to worry: they are not powerful. The name of the pond is supposed to be translated from the Turkish language as “rich pond”. In terms of area, one could place many European countries on the territory of the pond (its area is almost 32,000 square kilometers). For example, the whole of Malta, Armenia and Albania could be placed on its area.


Can we find fish in the deepest pond in the world?

Yes, the fauna of Baikal is very rich and varied. The pond is inhabited by 1550 species of animals, including 52 species of fish from seven different families. Many species are present only in its waters.


In Baikal there are still miraculous fisheries. The most caught species are the omul, a trout which is found only in the pond and can reach 50 cm in length and weigh up to 5 kg, the lavaret, from 6 to 8 kg, the catfish, the carp, the grayling…


Other species found in its waters include taimen, trout, carassin, pike, stickleback, perch, burbot, sturgeon, which can weigh up to 120 kg etc.


But the most abundant is the golomianka. This viviparous, transparent, glass-like fish with a pale pink color, iridescent, with pearly reflections is extraordinarily beautiful. With its 35% of fat rich in vitamins, it has an exceptional dietary value. It is difficult to catch because it does not live in schools, it travels alone in the Sacred Sea and gives birth to a large quantity of fry.


What makes Baikal so unique?

Siberians know that one of the reasons why the water of the pond is so pure is because of a small animal species called “Epischura baicalensis”. These are actually micro-crevices that you can’t see with the naked eye.


They only feed on organic products in the pond, which makes its water very clean. To see the water, you can go to the pond during the summer. If you want to swim in Baikal, do not expect too much, because the water is cold even on the hottest summer days.


Indeed, its temperature reaches only up to 15°C during the hottest period. If you visit Baikal also in winter, you will be greeted by the most transparent ice that covers the whole pond from the beginning of January to the beginning of May. Ships can navigate the waters of the pond only when all the ice has melted.

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