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What do Fish do for Fun? (Detailed Explanation)

by gvald

When it comes to aquarium fish, it’s true that it can sometimes be hard for them to have fun, especially if they’re alone. Fortunately, there are ways to give them some fun, we give you some hints in this article.


As for fish in the open sea or in a pond, they are usually not bored very often, since at any moment, a predator will face them, they also need to feed themselves, so we will only deal with fish in aquariums.


What do fish do for fun?

The aquarium fish is one of the favorite animals of the French. And for good reason, they require very little maintenance, but still provide a comforting presence in a home.


However, many aquarium fish owners think that they don’t need much to be happy and that the bare minimum is fine for them. In reality, this is totally false: aquarium fish have a strong sense of comfort.


In fact, aquarium fish don’t have much to do to enjoy themselves. If you have several fish, they may follow each other around to pass the time, but other than that, it’s mostly up to you to provide them with fun! Here’s how to do it:


How to have fun with your fish?

1. Mirrors in their aquarium

First, a mirror in the back of an aquarium adds dimension and makes a small aquarium look bigger. For your fish, it is also a great item: At the sight of the “fish” on the other side of the glass, your marine animals will come forward and be curious about it.


Moreover, for some fishes like bettas that live alone, it avoids them a state of too much loneliness, and can sharpen their sense. Learn more about bettas and their habits! No, fish are not vain, but placing a mirror in your aquarium is a good way to stimulate them.


2. Food to entertain your fish

They say you shouldn’t play with food, but when it comes to fish, you can make an exception. It can stimulate them, if you make it harder to reach for example. You can also sometimes opt for a different food than what you usually give them.


You can try something like frozen bloodworms or artemia shrimp that will shake up their diet and give them something to do. Live food also helps to entice your fish to hunt, which is a natural stimulus for them. Their wild instincts will resurface!


3. Entertain your fish with a ping-pong ball

A betta having fun with a ping-pong ball in its aquarium

This is a simple and almost costless way to entertain your fish. Fish love to move ping pong balls that float on the surface of their habitat.


They will be curious and have fun with it. It will stimulate their senses, and it’s a cool sight to show people when they come to your home. You can also move the ball and create a bond with your fish.


4. Caves and hiding places in their aquarium

Fish are sensitive creatures and need places to hide. Indeed, privacy corners like a cave, or other decoration that offers hiding places, will make your fish less stressed. They can even be playful, depending on their appearance or material. The hobbit house is one aquarium decoration that does this very well.


Almost all aquarium decorations offer hiding places for your fish. They are indispensable, because a stressed fish is more likely to get sick. This Egyptian shipwreck is an excellent aquarium decoration that combines aesthetics and practicality.


5. Substrate and sand

Another way to stimulate your fish is to arrange their aquarium according to their preferences. For example, some species prefer sand, others gravel. Cichlids like to rearrange their space as they see fit. To do this, they will dig holes and create their own relief in the aquarium. They, therefore, prefer sand as a background for their aquarium.


A good variation to make your aquarium original is to use phosphorescent stones. The color will intrigue your fish and stimulate them. You can use it as a substrate, but we advise you to have a natural bottom with sand or gravel, then sprinkle the ground with these colored stones. They will glow at night.


6. Bubblers in their aquarium

Bubblers are a nice feature of your aquarium to look at, but they will also keep your aquatic animals entertained. Fish that enjoy rougher water will stand in the bubbles, get excited and run through them. They are probably the best stimulating effect in the aquarium.


For a better visual effect, we recommend camouflaging the bubblers with decorations. These are decorations with an oxygen outlet, which you can connect to a bubbler, and you will see the bubbles coming out of this decoration. There are all kinds of decorations for bubblers, not just shells:

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