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What Can A Fish Eat? (10 Helpful Examples)

by gvald

If the majority of fish are carnivorous, such as sea bream, sea bass or trout, some fish are herbivorous, feeding exclusively on algae or aquatic plants, the surgeon fish for example.


This diversity can be found in bony fish as well as in cartilaginous fish: sharks. Indeed, not all sharks are large carnivores. The basking shark or the whale shark are planktonophagous, these large sharks feed on the plankton present in the water that they filter.


The diet is also linked to the developmental stage of the animal; a larval fish, a juvenile or an adult do not eat the same thing.


Do fish eat ants

It is quite possible to feed ants to your fish. However, since ants are made up of a lot of formic acid, you should not feed them every day, the reasonable dose would be no more than once a week.


Do fish eat azolla

Azolla is a branching, floating aquatic fern that grows rapidly on the surface of the water.


Many farmers, due to limited resources, struggle to produce enough food for their animals. Growing azolla is a good option for them.


Azolla is an ideal feed for fish, plus it can also be used as a biofertilizer in a farm. This is why many farmers are turning to Azolla cultivation.


Of course, your fish fry will do the same, and this natural pantry will be their best guarantee of survival in the first days.


In short, azolla purifies the water, shelters and feeds the micro-fauna of aquariums and ponds, but it also resists the winter by surviving in a dormant form to revive in the spring.


Do fish eat tadpoles

Tadpoles are the perfect prey for some small, harmless fish, so it is very likely that your fish will love them.


If you like your tadpoles, don’t panic, not all fish eat them. Moreover, they grow very fast, if they manage to survive for a while, they will quickly become too big for the fish to eat.


Can fish eat potatoes

Let’s start with the facts about potatoes. They are very beneficial for the health of our fish, loaded with vitamins, trace elements and especially fiber which helps the digestion of our fish.


This food will cost you almost nothing. When you make your little potato pan during the preparation of a meal, reserve a small slice of vegetable for your fish and it’s done 😉


Potatoes can be offered 1 to 2 times a week. It is also possible to cut slices of 1 inch maximum of raw potatoes directly in the aquarium, be sure to remove the skin!


Can fish eat fruit

Taking care of your fish also means varying their diet and in particular, giving them fruit. In addition to being economical, this tip is beneficial in many ways!

However, can we give any vegetable to any fish? No. You should know that no fruit is bad for your fish. To find out what they like, test and see what they eat.


In any case, you must wash your fruits well and preferably peel them if they are not organic, because the skin often contains pesticides.


You should already know that fruits are especially appealing to bottom-feeding fish: strawberry, banana, tomato.


Can fish eat grapes

It is possible to give grapes to your fish, but it is not recommended, from a practical point of view, you will have to remove the skin of each grape. Then their oval shape makes eating them rather delicate for your companions. We advise you to try fruits such as strawberries, bananas, tomatoes…


Can fish eat lettuce

For some cichlids and other freshwater species (guppies, platys, kuhlis, …), the distribution of lettuce is not essential but remains an interesting food supplement, as much for its nutritive contributions as for the low financial cost and the ease of food preparation.


We advise you to give the salad in small pieces, to make it easier for your fish to eat.


Can fish eat meat

It is possible to feed your fish meat, but it is not recommended, there are much better foods that provide them with just as many vitamins, if not more! Take for example fruits or vegetables, which will be cheaper, easier to prepare, and easier for your fish to eat.


If you want to give them meat, don’t exceed 1 time per week.


Can fish eat watermelon

Just like tomatoes, it is likely that your fish will love watermelon. This is especially true for ancistrus. Don’t forget to cut the watermelon into small pieces before feeding it, and to remove the skin! We recommend small cubes no larger than 1 inch on a side.


Can fish eat crackers

Although aquarium fish love sweets, avoid making them eat too much sugar. Never chop crackers in the aquarium. There is fish food, which they love just as much, but which is much better for them. Because they don’t need all the sugar in the crackers.

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