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How To Get Fishing Rod Genshin? The Best Explanation

by Alexis
how to get fishing rod genshin

The only way to get the wishmaker fishing rod is to purchase it from the fishing association. You can use the fish you’ve caught to purchase the fishing rod. You can only buy it once per day, so make sure you get it before it runs out. You can also get this fishing rod by talking to the fisherman in the fishing village.

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How do you get a fishing weapon in Genshin?

Players need to find kujirai momiji in inazuma to get the catch polearm. She is located west of Inazuma City near the Teleport Waypoint. Travelers can see a “Fishing Store” symbol on the map. The catch polearm can be purchased from the Fishing Store for 1,000 gil. It can also be obtained by defeating enemies in the game world.

What is the easiest way to get fish in Genshin?

Impact, how to catch fish. You can fish by interacting with Fishing Points, which are marked by ripples in the water. You need to pick out your bait and rod.

Different kinds of fish can be attracted by different bait, and certain fish can only be seen in certain areas of the lake.

You can also fish with a fishing pole, but this is not recommended for beginners, as it can be difficult to keep the pole in place while fishing.

How do you get the Genshin wilderness Rod?

To get this rod you will have to unlock The Exploding Population quest which introduces you to the fishing system in Genshin Impact. When players are introduced to fishing, they will be provided with the default rod. The rod is pretty much the same as any other rod in the game.

However, it can be used to catch a variety of different fish. Rod is one of the most important items to have in your inventory. You will need it in order to fish, and it will help you catch more fish than you would otherwise be able to.

Where do I get the catch weapon?

You can trade fish for “the catch” at kujirai momiji near inazuma city. You need to give Kujirai Momiji 6,000 Gald to grab the catch.

Gil (if you don’t have enough Gil to buy it, you can sell it to her for a small amount of gil) You can also get it by trading with other players in the same town, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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What bait do you need for the catch Genshin?

The players will be able to make a set of ten with one sunsettia and one wheat after genshin impact fishing: all fish that use fruit paste bait. The fruit paste bait will allow players to catch medakas and other fish that use the bait.

How do you craft bait in Genshin?

One sunsettia and one wheat can be used to make genshin impact bait recipes. Paste bait will be provided by the mixture. Stickleback fish and its variant can be made with redrot bait. The sticklebacks will be attracted to this bait.

Who sells fish in Genshin Impact?

You can buy up to 25 fish at a time from the two npc’s named uncle gao and sun. You can also sell fish to them for a small amount of gil. They will also give you a random item when you buy or sell a fish.

If you want to buy more fish, just talk to the NPC again and they will sell it to you for the same price you paid for it. These fish can only be found in the ocean, and you will need to use the fishing rod to get them to spawn. Once you have caught one of these fish it will be added to your inventory.

Where is the fishing association in Liyue?

The liyue fishing association can be found on the southern pier, east of liyue harbor. He will give you a fishing rod, and you can use it to catch fish. The first way is to buy a Fishing Rod from the fishing guild. This is the fastest way, but it requires a lot of money, so it is not recommended for new players.

The second way to get your hands on a rod is by fishing with a friend. To fish with your friend, go into your inventory and right-click the rod you wish to use. Your friend will then appear in front of you. Click on them and they will appear next to you in the list of friends.

Once you have both friends in your party, click on one of them to start fishing. It is recommended that you use the same rod for both of your friends, as it will make it easier for you to keep track of how many fish you’ve caught.

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