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How To Get A Fishing Rod In Pokemon Omega Ruby?

by Alexis
how to get a fishing rod in pokemon omega ruby

After you’ve read it, go back to the Pokémon Center and give it to Professor Sycamore. He’ll tell you that you need to get the Pokédex from Professor Oak. Oak’s lab in the north-eastern part of Kanto and go through the door on the left. Talk to it and it’ll ask you what you want to do with it. “I don’t know”, then you’ll have to wait until the next day.

Otherwise, you can choose “Yes” or “No” and Oak will show you a map of the region. The map shows the locations of PokéStops and Gyms, as well as a list of Pokémon that can be caught in each area. Once you’re done with the map, the man will ask if you’d like to catch some Pokémon.

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Where can I get a good rod?

The good rod is located to the east, just outside of hearthome city, and should be your goal as an aspiring fisherman. Once you have obtained the good rod, you will be able to use it to catch fish.

How do you go fishing in Pokémon Ruby?

Wait for it to “oh! a bite!” again, then press a again. This may happen many times before you get to battle the Pokemon.

It will take a few tries to get a Pokemon, even if you press A. Once you’ve defeated the Gym Leader, you can go to the Pokecenter to heal up.

You can also use your Pokeballs to catch Pokemon in the wild, but you won’t be able to trade them with other players.

Can Old Rod only catch Magikarp brilliant diamond?

The old rod is unable to catch any pokemon other than magikarp. The only other Pokemon that can be caught in this game are the ones that are found in the wild. For example, you can catch a Pidgey, a Rattata, and a Geodude, all of which can only be obtained by catching wild Pokemon.

You can also catch some of the rarer Pokemon, such as a Nidoran♀, Nidorina, or Nidoqueen, which are only obtainable by breeding them with a Pokemon of a different species. Pokemon are called “rare Pokemon” in-game, as they are not available in any other game.

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