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How many Cichlids in my Tank? (From 20 to 125 Gallons)

by gvald

When it comes to putting cichlids in an aquarium, there is one rule to keep in mind for the fish to be happy and evolve in a good environment: 1 Cichlid every 8 gallons.


So we will explain how many cichlids you can put in your aquarium depending on the capacity of your aquarium:


How many Cichlids in a 20 gallon tank

In a 20 gallon tank, you can easily put 2 cichlids of any variety, however, we don’t advise you to go beyond 3 cichlids.


How many Cichlids in a 30 gallon tank

A 30 gallon tank would allow you to keep 3 cichlids without any problems, you can even go up to 4, however, do not exceed this limit, beyond that, the fish will not find their personal space and will not wait for their adult size.


How many Cichlids in a 40 or 45 gallon tanks

In 40 or 45 gallons, depending on the calculation (1 cichlid every 8 gallons), you can put 5 cichlids without any problems. Be careful not to exceed this limit though.


How many Cichlids in a 50 or 55 gallon tanks

If you have a 50 gallon tank, we advise you not to put more than 6 cichlids at the same time, this could reduce or even stop the growth.


However, if you have a 55 gallon aquarium, it is possible to add a 7th one. Please do not exceed this limit in any case.


How many Cichlids in a 60 or 65 gallon tanks

In the same way as for the 50 gallons, if you have a 60 gallon tank, you can put 7 cichlids in it without any problem. And if your tank is 65 gallons, you can add one more without any risk, so that’s 8 cichlids for a 65 gallon tank.


How many Cichlids in a 75 gallon tank

A 75 gallon tank can hold up to 9 cichlids, not one more. As explained above, this can hinder the development of your fish.


How many Cichlids in an 80 gallon tank

For 80 gallons, you can put up to 10 cichlids without worrying, however, we advise you not to add an eleventh, unless your tank is at least 90 gallons.


How many Cichlids in a 90 gallon tank

With 90 gallons of water, there is no problem to have up to 11 cichlids, it is even recommended, so that they can interact with each other while keeping a healthy personal space.


How many Cichlids in a 100 gallon tank

A 100 gallon tank can accommodate 12 cichlids without any problem, if you really don’t have a choice, you can add a thirteenth one, making sure that it has a healthy personal space to keep it growing well.


How many Cichlids in a 125 gallons tank

125 gallons is plenty of room. You can put up to 15 cichlids, it is possible to add a sixteenth as a last resort, however, we strongly advise you not to exceed the fifteen mark.

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