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How Big Do Bumblebee Catfish Get? (Quick Read)

by gvald

This beautiful little freshwater goby is native to Southeast Asia, from Thailand to Indonesia. Very adapted to planted aquariums, it will like to post itself on a rock or a root to observe the surroundings. This species lives mainly in hierarchical groups, so it is preferable to form a school of 5-6 individuals minimum.


What is the maximum size of the bumblebee catfish?

Generally, the bumblebee catfish will not exceed 2 inches once it reaches adulthood, the average being 1 inch. In addition to its small size, this pretty fish does not have a long life span, as it will rarely live longer than 3 years.


How does the bumblee catfish behave?

It should live in groups of at least 8 individuals. It is a nocturnal fish, during the day, it hides by clinging to the scenery. The bumblebee catfish must be kept in a small group in an aquarium of 10 gallons minimum. It is preferable to keep it in a specific aquarium. The bumblebee catfish is carnivorous. It eats small freeze-dried crustaceans, but prefers live or frozen food.


This fish spends most of its time at the bottom of the aquarium, resting on its pelvic fins (fins located under the belly). At night, it comes out more easily because it tends to be nocturnal.


Territorial tensions can appear between males. A little tip: to limit friction, plan zones delimited by pebbles, roots or plants. It will be easier for the males to isolate themselves visually from each other. The formation of a group of at least 6 individuals is essential to dissipate tensions and satisfy the gregarious instinct of the species. Your group will have more females than males.


How to feed the Bumblebee Catfish to reach its adult size?

The Bumblebee Catfish is a carnivorous fish. It accepts frozen food but will have a preference for live prey such as bloodworms, daphnia or artemia.


It should be noted that this fish does not like very much dry food (flakes or flakes type) sold in the trade, and many specimens never accept it.


Who can live with the Bumblebee Catfish?

The Bumblebee Catfish is a peaceful fish that is not aggressive with other species. However, a specific aquarium is preferable for the maintenance of this species. Firstly because of the desirable water parameters (brackish water) which is not suitable for many species.


Moreover, its nocturnal activity can disturb the other occupants of your aquarium. In addition, some aquarists have reported cases of fin bites during the night.

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