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Do Fish Produce Milk? It depends.. (Fully Explained)

by gvald

People often wonder if fish produce milk, and rightly so! Fish do not produce milk in the way we think, but the equivalent is produced, which is called fish milt. We explain everything about it.


Milt or fish milt is the semen secreted by the genital glands of male fish during the spawning period. It is widely used in the composition of many food supplements because of its richness.


Indeed, it contains essential amino acids, trace elements, B vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and especially phosphorus. Moreover, it is very appreciated in Asian cuisine, especially in Japan where it is consumed under the name of shirako.


Can fish produce milk?

Fish do not exactly produce milk, as a cow could do, for example. However, there is the equivalent in them, it is called milt.


Fish milt is a viscous substance generally extracted from North Atlantic cod. It comes from the genitals of male fish and contains all the essential nutrients for the body.


Fish milt, or marine DNA, is a substance of marine origin. It is the sperm produced by male fish during the reproduction period. Particularly rich in nutrients, it is traditionally used as a physical and mental invigorator.


What is milt in fish?

Milt is the semen or seminal fluid of male fish, mollusks (milky oysters for example) and other aquatic animals that reproduce by spreading this fluid containing sperm on the eggs for fertilization and egg formation.


This fluid is excreted during spawning, resulting in fertilization. If milt is the product of males, caviar is its equivalent in female sturgeon.


What is done with the milt of the fish?

The milt of fish has always been consumed as food in Asian countries. In Europe, it only appeared on the plates in the 1820s. At that time, renowned gastronomes began to propose recipes that contained it.


It is only in the last few decades that scientists have shown interest in it as a food supplement. Indeed, it seems to offer great energy prospects. Its composition is now much better known in the medical world and arouses curiosity.


Fish milt is a substance with a very rich composition. It contains in particular :

  • Phosphorus ;
  • Magnesium ;
  • Vitamins, especially vitamin B1;
  • Essential amino acids, especially arginine and histidine;
  • Trace elements.


It is mainly due to its highly available phosphorus that fish roe owes its virtues. Indeed, the benefits of fish roe are numerous and varied.


How to consume fish roe?

Fish roe is traditionally offered in capsule or powder form. It is a condensed form of nutrients intended to meet the needs of the human body, especially when it is under heavy stress.

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