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Do Color Changing Lights Bother Fish? (Quick Read)

by gvald

LEDs are more and more present in our daily life and in aquariums too. The major aquarium brands have started to use this type of lighting, and there is a very large number of ramps today.


There are led ramps to put on open aquariums, but also ramps or LED tubes which allow the installation in a gallery in replacement of old neon lights.


However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the comfort of our fish remains very important, we will explain to you if the colored lights can annoy the fish.


Does color-changing light annoy fish?

Yes, too much light can be as bad as none at all. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave the color-changing light in the aquarium on for a maximum of 8-12 hours per day and have a light level that is appropriate for your tank (too much light can also promote algae and stress the fish). We will explain you right after the best color to use for the fishes


Be careful, though, many LED aquarium light strips do not indicate the lumens and sometimes not even the color temperature. It is therefore common to have algae problems with LED strips because they are too powerful for the aquarium. Be especially careful with low cost LED lights.


What is the best color for fish?

A blue tube is generally suitable for saltwater, while a red tube will help plants grow. Yellow tubes will simulate daylight. Finally, to enhance the color of the fish, choose blue neon lights, it is also the color that will stress them the least!


Another tip: for maximum luminosity and to give relief, place tubes with a high color temperature (8000° K) in the foreground of the aquarium, coupled with low temperature tubes (6000° K) placed at the bottom of the tank.


Why light your aquarium?

The lighting of your aquarium is one of the pillars of aquatic balance. Whether in aquariums with a lot of material or low-tech aquariums, lighting is very important for 3 reasons:

  • The light emitted will allow to reproduce a more natural life cycle like the sun would.
  • Good lighting will stimulate photosynthesis and provide good growth to plants.
  • The lighting will also play an aesthetic role allowing you to appreciate the decor and the fish.
  • Lighting is therefore essential and should not be neglected.


Do goldfish need light?

Definitely! Like most animals, goldfish need light to stay healthy. Light is part of the fish’s internal clock and affects the fish’s rest, appetite and behavior. It can also affect the color of the fish, which will become duller if light is lacking. Most aquariums come with a lighting gallery. If you don’t have one, aquarium lighting can be purchased and installed separately.


The most common type of aquarium light is a tube light. More recently, LED lights (for ‘Light Emitting Diode’) have become available, which are much more expensive but require much less energy, can be dimmed, last longer and generate very little heat compared to fluorescent tubes.


Can daylight be enough?

Yes, natural light can be sufficient, but you should avoid placing your aquarium directly behind a window. This will encourage algae growth and – more seriously – cause the aquarium temperature to rise excessively in summer. Note that a lighting gallery will be necessary in any case if you want to grow plants.

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