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Can You Go Fishing In Indiana? (Explained for Beginners)

by Alexis
can you go fishing in indiana

Indiana celebrates fishing by allowing residents to enjoy four free fishing days in 2020 without the need to buy a fishing license. This is a great opportunity to introduce your family, friends, children, and loved ones to the joys of fishing. Fishing is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

It is also a fun way for people to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Fishing can be enjoyed year-round, but the best time to fish is in the spring and fall when the water is warm and the fish are plentiful.

When can you start fishing in Indiana?

On may 2, june 5, june 6 and september 25, indiana residents can fish public waters without a fishing license. According to the Department of Natural Resources, all other rules, such as bag and size limits, apply. Every other day of the year, a fishing license is required to fish.

Do I need a fishing license in Indiana right now?

If you want to fish in public lakes, streams, rivers or other bodies of water in Indiana, you must have a fishing license. To obtain a license, you must: Be at least 18 years of age. Be able to read, write and understand the English language.

If you do not meet these requirements, your license will not be issued and you will be subject to a fine of up to $100.00 for each day you fish without a valid license. For more information, please visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website at www.ind.gov/dnr/fishing/index.shtml or call 1-.

You may also contact your local Indiana Fish and Boat Commission (IFBC) office for information on fishing licenses. IFBC offices are located throughout the state and are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 P.M. (excluding holidays). You can find your nearest IFC office by visiting the following website: www.ifbc.state.in.us.

The Indiana Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is responsible for the licensing and enforcement of Indiana’s fish and wildlife laws.

What days can you fish for free in Indiana?

The four free fishing days this year are May 1, June 4-5, and August 1-2. For more information, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website at www.floridafishandwildlife.org.

Can you use goldfish for bait in Indiana?

Live goldfish are legal baitfish. Don’t dump bait buckets or move live fish from one lake to another.

How much is a ticket for fishing without a license in Indiana?

It is not a criminal offense. Penalties for this offense include a fine of the license cost plus an additional $50. If you are found breaking the same rule more than once in 36 months, the penalty fine is increased to $500. If you have been convicted of a violation of this section, you will be required to pay the fine in addition to any other penalties that may be imposed.

What size bluegill can you keep?

The best advice is to keep fish greater than 6 or so inches but less than 8. If you want to keep the mid to large size bluegill, throw back the largest ones you catch. This is a good choice for a number of reasons. First of all, you’ll have a much better chance of catching the big ones.

Second, if you do catch a big one, it will be much easier to remove it from the water. Third, and perhaps most important, is that you won’t have to worry as much about the size of the fish as you would if it were a smaller fish.

How many bluegill can you keep in Indiana?

The possession limit would be changed to allow up to three ounces of marijuana for personal use, and the daily bag limit would be changed to 25 per person. The bill would also allow for the cultivation of industrial hemp, which is a non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant that can be used to make products such as food, cosmetics and biofuel.

Where can you fish in Indiana without a license?

The Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area is known as Mongo. Brown County State Park is located in Nashville. Summit Lake State Park is located in New Castle.

Do you need a fishing license on private property in Indiana?

Unless you are under the age of 18 or in one of a few other special categories, a permit is not required to troll for fish in ponds, lakes, and even streams and rivers running through the state. Fishing is allowed in all of Indiana’s rivers and streams, except for the Indiana River, which is only open to anglers who are at least 14 years of age.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the only agency that issues fishing licenses. However, you should be aware that the DNR does not have the authority to regulate the size of the fish or the type of bait used to catch them. For more information on fishing regulations, please visit www.dnr.in.gov.

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