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Can Gouramis live with Cichlids? (Quick Read)

by gvald

Gouramis and Cichlids are both fish that have a big territorial notion, especially for males and in the reproduction period. It is therefore important to put them in a large aquarium so that they both have their own space.


Can Gouramis live with Cichlids ?

Yes, it is quite possible to have gouramis live with cichlids, however you will need a large aquarium, we advise a minimum of 25 gallons. 


Gouramis in addition to dwarf cichlids are both territorial species and therefore sometimes aggressive especially during the breeding season. That’s why we recommend a large aquarium, this way you leave room for both species to be comfortably installed.


Who can the Cichlid cohabit with?

Since Cichlids are often territorial fish (at least during the breeding phase), it is inconceivable to have 10 inch fish cohabit with 3 or 4 inch fish, at least without consequences for the latter.


These consequences are not always easy to evaluate: a hazardous cohabitation can lead to a fish that is simply eaten (at least we know what to expect) or, more insidiously, to a dominated fish that does not manage to reproduce (consequence sometimes difficult to evaluate).


Sometimes it is the little pain in the ass that bothers the big calm one, but that is another story.

One should therefore avoid associating the prey with its predator.


With whom can the gourami cohabit?

In a community aquarium context, it should be kept in a minimum volume of 25 gallons.


Being fearful by nature, it is advised not to let the pearl gourami cohabit with large territorial species or with too aggressive fish. It can easily evolve with territorial neighbors with a peaceful temperament or with non-territorial species with little aggression.


Be careful to plan an adequate layout for each territorial species: each species should have a surface and a decor allowing it to juxtapose its territory with that of its neighbors.


To prevent the water from becoming too polluted, it is recommended to renew 20% to 30% of the water volume every month. Be careful, the added water must be at a temperature close to that of the aquarium.


Calm nature and sometimes shy, avoid associating the Dwarf Gourami with large or aggressive territorial fish. For territorial species with little aggression, cohabitation is possible. However, it is advisable to have an aquarium offering enough space for each one to find its place.


You can associate them with Barbus and calm Rasboras (such as Cherry Barbus for example) to stay in an Asian biotope.

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